Genius Hour

My Third Work

This is a smaller scale drawing of Jon Bellion when compared to my previous drawings, but I have still captured the skills I want to improve on. I have always struggled with hair, and the photo that I chose as a reference had the perfect lighting for the look of “shiny” hair. I am also happy with the overall layout of the face because I feel like I am starting to get better at the proportions of my sketches.

Why Did I Draw Him?

I wanted to draw Jon Bellion because he has such an interesting and unique style to his music that made me fall in love with his music by the first song I heard. He also isn’t afraid to incorporate some of the problems in relationships and society today and normally sings with a beaten down, nothing left to lose feeling. I feel like the reason my drawings are turning out more successfully is not only because of the “how to” directions, but also because you have to have a passion for art, and what you are creating.


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