Carried by the Wind


How will I be remembered when I’m gone? Will I even be remembered at all?

I don’t want to be like a leaf, blown away in the wind, and forgotten.

I want to leave the type of legacy that shows people that no matter who they are, they can become something if they work hard enough, but how do I make that happen?

Most people who know me don’t realize what passion I have for the anatomy of the body and learning about all of it’s unique functions. I want to become a physical therapist when I’m older because I would be able to apply my knowledge while also helping others, and doing what I love.

I want my patients to know that if they put their mind to it, they can conquer what hardship they are going through at the moment; that the greatest idea they take away from their experience is to know they had the strength to overcome.

Maybe I don’t need my name to be remembered, but instead the actions of kindness and patience I show that are able to lift people up.

People will remember me as the person who helped them in their time of need, who showed compassion to them when they needed it most.

This dream of mine will take work and I am willing to do what I need to achieve it. There is no room for giving up. I won’t let my legacy be carried away by the wind.

I know I will be remembered and have an impact on the world.

I will matter.


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